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The Heart Of Northwest Airline's Deceptions And Lies Following Profiling Attack On Us

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The Heart Of Their Deception And Lies: An Exposure of the Deceptions and Tactics Used By Northwest Airlines and Collaborating Officers in Concealing Their Hyenas Criminal Actions Against Us Committed In the Context of racial profiling

Writer: Aaron James 204 474 0654
Also: Linda James 204 632 5598

Having been profiled aboard a NWA flight (Jan. 18/06 departing MN on to Winnipeg), persecuted as such, attacked and then framed by the offending airline and officers involved, my family and I have sought to explore the ways in which they have deceived conspired and colluded amongst themselves in efforts to falsely incriminate us and thereby conceal their discriminatory and hyenas actions. (***This is a very concise point form overview based on the assumption of some background knowledge given in accompanying literature preceding this.)

Judge Doty Used False application of law preventing us from testifying in our defense at the trial without prejudicial consequence. We were forced to rely solely on the representation our ‘defense’ attorney Robert Jones, would provide us, and the courts had corrupted themselves to the effect that this attorney was working for the prosecution…Robert Jones was made to be our only voice, and his agenda was akin with the prosecution. The trial had been corrupted and truth in justice thwarted by design.

***The truth was never revealed or asserted at trial: Without the ability to testify on our own behalf and without due counsel as per the ‘defense’ attorney working secretly on behalf of the prosecution, the proof of our innocence and their lies was never revealed.

Robert Jones refused to cite the arguments we had prepared in our defense that revealed irrefutably our innocence and their lies, claiming these arguments would be ‘too hard for the jury to understand,’ when in fact, he was sabotaging our efforts of defense by design. He also misrepresented the few arguments he agreed to relate- an example being the height discrepancy between the officer and I (he is 4 inches taller) making a ‘head butt’ impacting on the top of his head, an impossibility. Yet Jones did not want to give any arguments to which the officers could not respond, so instead, on stand he referred to the “size” discrepancy, and ‘failed’ to elaborate on this, which by deliberate calculated design, merely emphasized to the jury that I am of large stature. A deliberate sabotage. When I confronted Jones on this following his close, he was dismissive and indifferent.

Northwest Airlines employee Sherrie Caudell perjures on stand denying Racial Profiling And Harassment.
NWA (Northwest Airlines) Stewardess, Sherrie Caudell, denied having harassed us and persecuted us on stand in attempt to erode the justification of the compliant we had lodged with her senior stewardess. She had accused my mother of a suspicious bag, and had also followed me down the length of the isle of the aircraft asking me if I ‘had a problem’ simply because I had not acknowledged her in the isle. She would deny all of this at trial. She would also deny having known that my mother and I were related and in association with each other, because to do so, would have made it apparent that she had persecuted first my mother and then myself directly thereafter by calculated design because of our association as family, in the spirit of racial profiling.

Witnesses not called: Witnesses to the incident would have been able to corroborate my innocence in the matter and this is exactly what the prosecution, and the prosecution-collaborating ‘defense’ attorney Robert Jones, wanted to avoid at all cost. In address of my family, Robert Jones stated he could not find any witnesses off the passenger list roster. This is a falsehood. He had assured me that he had associates that had successfully contacted witnesses, yet later presented this false scenario.

*** Of the 150 passengers and 5 police officers involved, only 1 passenger was called as witness (and he was caught perjuring on stand profusely) and only 2 of 5 officers were present to testify at the trial. Only 3 of the 5 officers had even submitted official reports at the time. An obvious attempt at concealment of the truth and deception is present herein. Without any passenger witnesses there could be no evident corroboration of truth, and with only 2 of 5 officers present, (who perjured profusely on stand as I reveal in accompanying documentation) most of the officers had avoided putting themselves on stand for cross examination in which their lies could be exposed and made self evident.

A melancholic display of courtroom theatrics between the prosecution and the defense ensued, wherein each blamed the other for not having called witnesses. Yet, in fact this was a façade- a show to appease the audience of the trial- when in fact both had been collaborating under the same corrupt agenda to bar the pathway to truth, using lack of witnesses and failure of police to appear on stand as part of their mechanisms for this mandate.

Yet Robert Jones had been hired on under that very promise and assurance that he would work in gathering witnesses from the passenger roster, and by corrupted calculated design, this is exactly what he ‘failed’ to do.

A secret last minute meeting marking collusion between FBI, MN Police and the Prosecution:
Having issued our complaint to Peace Officer Standards and Training, we found much to our dismay, that they are not the citizen advocacy center they claim to be, but rather, a resource for police to anticipate and prepare for complaints that will be filed against them! Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T) did not respond to our complaint, and we learned only at trial that they had forwarded our complaint, along with the nuances of how we had exposed the truth and the officers’ lies- on to the Prosecution and the very offending officers involved as well as the FBI, who were working in collaboration with the prosecution! We had been maligned and betrayed by P.O.S.T. and this ‘advocacy’ center had armed the prosecution and the offending police, with the nuances of how we intended to expose their lies, in order that they could prepare for this in anticipation by integrating further falsehoods into their testimony on stand. Once P.O.S.T. had forwarded our report to the FBI and Prosecution, a few days later, and only 3 days before the trial, a secret last minute meeting was held between these parties. At his meeting our complaint was examined by the prosecution and the offending officers in order that they could adjust the testimony they had planned to use in anticipation of the arguments we would use to expose them.

The shell game deception: Officers perjured in countless ways on stand. Among their tactics was what I have referred to as their “shell game deception.” Officers gave false account of their true positions on board the aircraft and each officer falsely purported himself to be in the position of another- hence the officer ‘shell game deception.’ The purpose of this deception was to rearrange positions in such a way that Officer Hoerdt could be falsely purported as having been standing directly in front of me- as opposed to having actually been 3 officers distant from me in a line up of 4 officers in front of me in the narrow confines of the isle aboard the aircraft. By falsely claiming that he stood directly in front of me, they were then able to claim I had head butted him, whereas his distant proximity in fact made this act an impossibility. Further still, by claiming I had committed this act, they were able to account for their hyenas actions and brutal assault on my person under the false pretense of reaction to an assault. Their deceit and collusion has been extensive and insidious.

A Corrupted Jury Pool: The courts would leave no avenue for deceit neglected. Having corrupted the ‘defense’ attorney against us; having had officers perjure on stand and give falsified account; having arranged it such that we were not able to testify on our own behalf and having pre-empted the calling of witnesses to stand in both the passengers and the officers in large part, they would take it even one step further: They would see to it that the jury pool was corrupt and maligned against us unto prejudice and bias through a fixed jury pool selection that had in its capacity, representation amongst FBI, NSA,CIA, MN Police, Northwest Airlines employees, prosecuting attorneys, military, corrections and security.

The courts have explored and exercised every avenue open to their abuse of authority and position, in ensuring that there was absolutely no opportunity for truth or justice.
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